Lions meet a remote control car

This is the coolest!  Wildlife photographers put a camera on a remote control car and drove it into a pride of lions.  The lions broke the car — no surprise there — but the resulting pictures are very cool.  And for some reason watching the lions react to the car cracked me up.

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3 thoughts on “Lions meet a remote control car”

  1. Ha! This is great! I think I love the reaction of the guys to the photos almost as much as I like the reaction of the lions to the car.

  2. I like the way one lioness hugs the car and tries to figure out if it’s edible. Then another says, “This is MINE!” and runs away with it.

  3. A natural history observation … the lion that approaches from the left looks a bit emaciated, with ribs showing. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that her right eye is completely clouded. Probably either old or injured, and not getting a full share of the food. I would imagine that the loss of depth perception would be a serious disability for a lion. And one of the lions in the back has a horrible looking gash/scar on her right hip, probably an old wound. Life as a predator is not all peaches and cream, maybe.

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