The Question: I have a number of patches of milkweed throughout my garden, and noticed this afternoon that a group of monarch butterfly caterpillars have eaten nearly all the leaves and flowers of a single plant that sits alone, separated by a driveway from a large patch of verdant milkweed. My question to you is, can I move the caterpillars across the driveway to the more lush vegetation? It looks as though they have only one more day of living off the single plant. Many thanks for a prompt response. It’s a joyous time when they appear, and I want them to be able to develop fully.

Submitted by: Susan, Coastal California, USA

Monarch caterpillarThe Short Answer: They probably would be fine where they are, but I don’t think it will hurt to move them. Of course, the milkweed on the other side of the driveway, which might not be verdant for long, probably would have a different opinion. smiley