Will robins reuse this nest?

Does a robin use the same nest over again? I have a nest in the corner of my carport and have had three clutches this year. The second not being successful. Somehow the nest fell and splattered the eggs on the concrete below. I was heartbroken, my husband secured the nest with a wire and this one is not going anywhere. But, I just wondered if the same mama would use the nest more than once.  Thank you,  Jackie

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  1. puffin     Hi Jackie, thanks for writing. Some birds only use a nest once, but American robins (Turdus migratorius) will reuse nests. Here’s what Birds of North America says about robin nest reuse “Once constructed, nest is not maintained and may be destroyed by wind and rain. Old nests may be reused with or without a new lining (Howell 1942); a new nest may be built on top of an old one on a man-made structure, but more commonly a new nest is constructed for each brood.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same bird using that nest in your carport, but I would bet that it is. Tom
  2. I just discovered that I have a nest on my back porch with three little birds in it I was getting ready to knock it down but three little heads picked up what do I do with the nest I don’t want it on my deck says:

    I just discovered that I have a nest on my back porch with three little birds in it I was getting ready to knock it down but three little heads picked up what do I do with the nest I don’t want it on my deck

  3. Hi, first I have to tell you that it would technically be against the law for you to knock down a nest with baby birds in it, unless they are starlings or house sparrows or some other introduced bird. In fact, you’re not supposed to touch it or bother it. However, if you decided you wanted to try and move it, the trick is to move it only a foot or two at a time and wait for the parents to find it, and then move it a little more. Tom

  4. I have a question. Every year we have a robin build a nest on our backyard porch light that is attached to the house. We usually take it down in the fall. We left it up this winter mainly because we forgot about it but also, it looks nice and I hate the thought of destroying something an animal worked so hard to make. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I saw a robin in the same nest. When she flew away, I was able to check and sure enough, there are two eggs in it. Last year they had 4 and all 4 hatched and grew big enough to leave. We did find a cracked Robin’s egg on our grill but I don’t know if it is from them or the many other pairs around our yard. Is it possible this is the same pair using this nest?

  5. The law says that you can’t bother a nest if it has eggs or chicks. If the robins are done and gone and you don’t want it there, take it down now, before someone else plops some eggs in it! Tom

  6. Hi
    A robin laid 2 eggs, which never hatched. We watched her nesting for 3 weeks and then one day found the eggs broken and abandoned. We have continued to watch for over a week now with no return to the nest. Will the robin (or other birds) return to this nest at some other time? Will another bird take it over? Should we leave it in the shrub, or take it out?

  7. Found a nest had three eggs didn’t bother it and never saw a bird. three days later still no bird but one egg was on the ground in front yard and one egg below nest on patio. its been about a week and now there is a robin on nest never leaving for past three days. Did she lay more eggs in same nest? Or is this a completely different bird?

  8. Hi Jason, that pair probably won’t use that nest again, because they know a predator found it, and knows where it is. It’s possible another bird would use it next year, maybe, but I don’t think it really matters much whether you leave it or take it down. Tom

  9. We have a robin’s nest being reused; the first 3 newborns didn’t survive a late April freeze. Mom cleaned out the nest; it sat empty for a month and now 3 new eggs. The nest is on a high window ledge, but is easy to see from the inside . I don’t think it is the same mom….she sits differently than the last one and her face looks a little different. Happy they are back.

  10. I have a robins nest in the tree by my door.
    This year it was used and then abandoned with dead babies inside. (Couldn’t see for myself, so used a camera to take a picture and later verify after mom and dad had abandoned it for two days.) this was May 18th.

    Now, Today, June 4th I came home and I saw a robin, sitting in it.

    Is this a safe nest for this Robin to reuse?

  11. I would just wait and see. If the other nest was abandoned, it might have been because the mother died for some reason.

  12. Mom and dad abandoned it, prob because babies didn’t make it… two days later I managed to reach and get the picture, dead babies with no tufts of brown even. Looks like 2-3. That was May 18th.
    I’m worried if the best is being reused now, June 4, that any new babies/ or adult using would get sick?

  13. We have small tree in our front yard that we were wanting to cut down; after cutting the top portion we realized there’s a robins nest in it. Two babies, pretty good size. Their parents have been back and forth feeding them but because the top of the tree is gone they’re exposed to the sun and elements. Is there something we should do to provide protection? Or just leave it?

  14. I think you should probably just leave them. How big are they? Do they have feathers? Tom

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