Should I be afraid of a goose?

head of Canada goose showing serrated beak and tongueYesterday, I went walking near 4 adult Canada Geese and their young ones (total of about 12). Two of the adults turned toward me and started hissing at me.  One of them had head and neck gyrations.  What are their defenses? Do they try to peck you and does it hurt?  Do their web feet have sharp nails or claws? Thank you.  Anthony

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  1. puffin Hi J Anthony, Typically, geese would try to peck or bite you with their bill, which doesn’t have true teeth, but has teeth-like serrations as you can see in the photo above. You’ll also notice the tongue is serrated. I’ve never been bitten by a goose, but I’m guessing it’s not fun. Geese might also beat at you with their wings.

    The link below goes to a video that shows geese attacking people. Most of the damage comes when people run away and fall down, which is generally hilarious to the people filming these events. Of course, they aren’t the ones getting chased by an angry bird with a serrated bill and tongue. When geese are protecting young ones, it’s probably best to move out of their area. Tom


  2. Geese are normally harmless and like most animals. If attacked try not to run away but back away steadily out of its reach. Anything you see laying around, like a stick, will usually confuse them and they will back away from you if the stick or pole is long enough. When running them off, don’t back down. Hold your pole at the head, walk towards them till they walk away and then chase them hard till they fly off. If they are nested in the area they will return after you’re gone.

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