Minute orange water bugs

envelope small orange creaturesIn my small backyard pond in southern Ontario, there are bright orange-red water bugs.  Some are 1 mm.  Eyes are visible but no legs, yet.  There are millions of these free swimmers/floaters. Will I and my neighbors be inundated with biting insects or are they beneficial?  Judy

2 thoughts on “Minute orange water bugs”

  1. puffin Hi Judy, Those are daphnia, a kind of crustacean. Harmless. They are full grown and won’t leave the water. If you know anyone with an aquarium, they make great fish food. Tom

  2. envelope Thanks so much. We have another bigger pond with large Koi and Goldfish. I think I’ll give them a treat as there are millions in the small pond. I appreciate your quick response. Thanks. Judy

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