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I’m excited to be creating this new website/blog to answer questions about nature.  Despite a lifetime of learning about nature and asking questions, and a graduate degree in Biology, I would never claim to know more than a tiny fraction of the answers.  But I love to think about and research why and what and how questions about plants and animals.  I know how to track down the scientists who work on the questions, and I love the challenge of making their answers understandable to non-scientists.

For me, the most fun will be when you ask a question, and in the process of discovering the answer, we’ll also discover that there is another question, and that leads to another question …

Click here to send an email with your question. I’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Tom Pelletier, Naturalist

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ask a Naturalist.com”

  1. Great site, Tom. This will help us with grandchildren’s questions as well as my own. I also will mark as a favorite. Thanks. Prue

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