4 thoughts on “Ping Pong Balls in Shallow Water”

  1. puffin Hi Cindy, Thanks for writing.  Were the eggs spherical or elongated?  Were they hard like a chicken egg, or soft and flexible?  Do you have photos?  If so, attach them when you reply. Thanks!  Tom 

  2. envelope The eggs we saw are perfectly round spherical shape about 1 inch to 1.25 inches in diameter, white in color and they were rather soft. You could easily dent the “shell” with your finger by holding it too tightly. I did not take a picture of them. They were not firmly sitting on the bottom but rather moving along the lake bottom with the flow of the waves. They are easily seen from the dock or standing on the shore or in the water. Cindy

  3. puffin Cindy, Those sound like a perfect description of snapping turtle eggs. Normally they would be buried in a shallow nest on land, but it sounds like for some reason, a turtle made a mistake. Could be that it got disturbed while laying and went back to the water before it was really finished, or something like that. If you still have the eggs, you could try burying them in a sandy and sunny spot and waiting to see what happens. Tom

  4. envelope My 3 year old grandson was sure they were turtle eggs and he put one in his sand pail and covered it with sand and all day he sat with it telling everyone he had a turtle egg. I thought turtle egg were more oblong with one end slightly rounder then the other. What do I know. Sounds like I have a young naturalist on my hands. Thank you for the information. Cindy

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