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What drilled a hole in our monarch butterfly chrysalis?

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monarch chrysalisThe Question: Can you help solve a mystery with my wife’s first butterfly garden for monarch butterflies? She has had a chrysalis hanging on a watering can but it changed from jade to completely black and now we see it has a 3mm round hole in it. We opened it with a scissor and there in only a remnant left on the inside. We have not seen a successful exit yet. What could possibly have happened? Is this the result of a predator?
Submitted by: John, Florida, USA

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What is this Texas wildflower?

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The Question: This wildflower is new to me and not one I have ever seen before in the Texas Hill Country. The plants have invaded my garden and are very lush and hearty. I’ve not seen them anywhere else in the pasture. The plants are almost shoulder high and I was expecting a big bloom to follow the quick growth but instead there is only a small flower tassel. What is this plant is called?
Submitted by: Betsy, Texas, USA

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