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Mysterious Hole in the Ground

I came upon the hole pictured in the photos while hiking on a fire road in Mendocino county, (California) a few days ago. Hole was about 1.5 inches (4 cm) in diameter, and lined with a filmy white material which is pictured peeled away in the second photo. I probed the hole with a stick, and it was deeper than one foot. Any idea what made this?  Ben

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Saving tadpoles

envelope There’s a little body of water near my building in New York where, a couple months ago, my kids an I found a few hundred tadpoles. The water was bright blue and beautiful and the tadpoles, big, and always swimming around full of life. Over time, the water has gone more gray, and the tadpoles move around a lot less, some don’t seem move at all. Are they hurt? Can I help them?  Jenna

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Stung while in river

envelope bumps on skinHi, Today I was swimming in the river Ouse, Nth Bedfordshire, UK as I do every summer but this time something stung me on the water. Attached is the pic. Ankle and back of knee. I felt both stings very clearly and painful enough for me to say “ow” out loud and want to get out of the water. The white bumps came up immediately. 4 hours later they faded to red dots but the burning is still very intense. Any ideas on what it could be? Bit concerned, very curious. Glad it was me and not my kids.  Many thanks.  Sarah